New Perspectives on Creativity and Health

Have you heard anyone voice their surprise of the creativity happening as we stay at home?  I hear it every day.

Creativity may improve our self-confidence.  We find that we rise to the challenge.

Creativity gives us a new way to use our skills.  This is empowering. Creativity lets us step outside our box and try other new approaches.

Creativity is enjoyable and fun. This reduces stress and stress can be a killer.  We want to take every opportunity offered to reduce stress.

Every cloud has a silver lining. This may be a silver lining for us and our planet.  Let the creativity flow!

I have been enjoying creativity in the kitchen. I’m enjoying many new recipes with substituting ingredients I have in the kitchen now. I am finding new ways of surprising loved ones in the nursing home with small gift boxes of items to enjoy.  Who doesn’t love to open a box and find surprises? 

What creativity have you seen in your world?

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New Perspectives on Stress and Protecting Your Immune System

Woman meditating

Your immune system is your body’s way to protect you from infections, whether those infections are old, or new, like COVID-19. Your immune system is built to take care of you. A few changes will help you take care of your immune system.

Stress, whether infection, emotions, pain, or poor nutrition, decreases your immune system’s ability to function well. Let’s expand that thought.

Your body reacts to stress as a threat to its survival and causes your body to quickly use its energy for survival. Your blood vessels constrict, so you bleed less if the proverbial tiger bites you. Your blood clots more easily, in case that bite happens. Your heart beats faster, so you can run faster than the tiger.

We don’t have to worry about tigers, but we still experience stress. Most any stress causes your body to respond. Responding to stress today doesn’t require fast running, or faster clotting, and those responses may not be the best for maintaining health.

Maintaining your immune system requires a great deal of energy. Your body, under stress, may send less energy to the immune system as it sends more energy to combat stress. But your body responds in the same way, whether a tiger is near, or with the emotional stress of learning that Covid-19 is spreading. Decreasing the amount of stress may help us.

Mental stress and anxiety may be effectively dealt with by meditation. One simple way to meditate is to sit quietly and focus on your breathing. You may find this 20-minute body scan meditation helpful:

Decreasing stress helps decrease the body’s responses to stress, which then helps the immune system stay at its best. Decreasing stress may also help you sleep better, which is another critical step to optimal health.

Please check in tomorrow for more ideas on how to optimize sleep.

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