New Perspective on Problems

Wicked problems are interconnected, seen as connected nodes
Wicked problems are interconnected

I recently read of tame and wicked problems. I believe our challenge with COVID-19 is a wicked problem.

A wicked problem has complex interdependencies. The efforts to solve one part of the problem may reveal or create other problems. Some examples of wicked problems include economic, environmental and political issues. A problem requiring a great number of people to change their behavior and beliefs is probably a wicked problem. Other examples of wicked problems are climate change, healthcare, pandemics, drug trafficking and social injustice issues.

We don’t do well with wicked problems. We can neither fight nor run away from this type of problem.

These difficult problems may be another reason for bringing compassion and empathy into our lives. We need to remember to have compassion for ourselves and others in this difficult situation. We are all in this together.  

We are living through this a day at a time. We will get through this a day at a time. Remember to be gentle and compassionate to everyone.

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