New Perspectives on Sleep

Sleep regenerates and repairs our body. Sleep helps us stay mentally sharp. In this challenging time, we need to be mindful of choices that interfere with the best quality sleep.

News and social media may make us anxious. It may be helpful to pay attention to the news and Facebook early in the morning and pay less attention later in the day and evening. Viewing earlier will allow us to be more relaxed in the evening.

Caffeine stimulates our body’s systems. Caffeine may make it more difficult to fall asleep and reach deep restful sleep. If you decide to consume caffeine, it may be best to have caffeinated drinks early in the day. No later than 3:00 in the afternoon is best. Your body will have time to metabolize the caffeine before bedtime.

Melatonin is our sleep hormone. Blue light wavelengths turn off melatonin production which cause us to be more awake. Blue light is emitted from TV screens, phones, computer and tablets. It is best to turn off these screens 2 hours before bedtime. As an alternative, read a book or magazine printed on paper.

Be aware that LED and compact florescent lights emit blue wavelengths also. Wearing Blue Blocker glasses or TrueDark glasses in the evening may decrease the amount of blue light reaching your eyes. You may also consider a red LED bulb in your bedroom by your bed. A red light will allow you to see if there is a need to get up in the night but will be less disruptive to your sleep.

Meditation may also help you to quiet your mind and drop more easily into deep restful sleep. You’ll find some helpful ideas on meditation in this post.

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